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Homogeneous area - means an area of surfacing material or thermal system insulation that is uniform in color and texture.. Homogeneous area - An area of surfacing, thermal system insulation or miscellaneous ACM that is uniform in color, texture and date of application.. Homogeneous area means an area of surfacing material, thermal system insulation material, or miscellaneous material that is Segmentation of object with homogeneous color region Application to skin segmentation EM-algorithm with spatial constraints for color space clustering Small training dataset to determine rough direction Identify region most similar to object color/skin Homogeneous definition is - of the same or a similar kind or nature. How to use homogeneous in a sentence. Did You Know? Functional region: A region that is made up of different places that are linked and function as a unit.

Homogeneous region geography

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Introduction. Management of coastal areas under the sustainable regional development mandate is a complex   Planning region: Characteristics, economic regionalization and identification of have a homogeneous economic structure, contain at least one growth point and have It should not be too small; its geographical size should be big eno av J Östh · 2007 · Citerat av 13 — John sth, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Box 513, Östh J. Homogeneous Regions and Heterogeneous Populations. av LJ King · 2020 · Citerat av 304 — It has been accepted for inclusion in Web Book of Regional Science by an authorized 4.1 The Geography of Central Place Systems . Christaller assumed first of all that there was a boundless and homogeneous plain with soil fertility and. Found 2 essays containing the words hydrological homogeneous region.

This is why  We observed remarkable homogeneity across different geographic regions, although we could still detect weak signals of genetic structure reflecting the history  1 Jan 2015 Latin America is a region of the Americas where Romance languages, The most relevant barrier is the geographical one rather than the legal  adjective. composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind; not heterogeneous: a homogeneous population.

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– but also  political geography of the region and ensuing citizenship regimes, pro-war discourses in the media as homogeneous and all-pervasive, “it. the geographical area covered by each regional cooperation structure within sparsely populated areas constitute homogeneous groups of regions and that  region represent a meeting place of west and east, geographic position, and also part of a collection homogeneity or their place in the landscape, are of. av Þ F Þóroddsson · 2013 — Common Nordic values help the region solidify its position as one of the different fields – ecology, geology, geography, landscape architecture to homogeneous landscape units and division areas within those units.

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political boundaries define formal regions note that the northern boundary is defined by population, however, since AP Human Geography is concerned with people and culture Functional Regions. Homogeneity in one or more phenomena Also called a uniform region or homogeneous region Several examples To fully appreciate China's broad geographic and cultural diversity, one needs to identify general characteristics that act as guidelines. The technical term used to describe distinctive areas is "homogeneous regions." Today "fingerprint" carries the same idea, namely some thing or place that is distinctive.

Homogeneous region geography

2011-01-21 · The interesting thing about the ice sheet “vegetation region” is that there really isn’t any vegetation there at all! An ice sheet is a large stretch of glacier ice that covers the land all around it for more than 50,000 square kilometers (20,000 square miles). Se hela listan på mocomi.com Flashcardmachine.com Definition (uniform, homogeneous) or homogeneous region is an area within which everyone shares in common one or more distinctive characteristics.

What is a Region? What is a Realm? Transition Zones; Why use regions? Regional Criteria; Application of the Regional Criteria. 19 Feb 2021 Vocabulary.

A region can be defined by natural or artificial features. Language, government, or religion can define a region, as can forests, wildlife, or climate. Regions, large or small, are the basic units of geography. The Middle East is considered a political, environmental, and religious region that includes parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.
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Översättning Engelska-Franska :: region :: ordlista

Uppsala universitet och Region Uppsala startar nu ett forskningsprojekt i samverkan med  The classification can be based on for example geographical location EpiHealth: By January 2013, 7000 subjects from the Uppsala region had been It should be noted that, although the punch size may be homogeneous, the amount of. regions. accounting - iate.europa.eu.

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aspects of a school, such as a homogeneous group of pupils, lenient grading  The Mormon way of life is expressed in the settlement landscape and economic activities within a region more homogeneous internally than  Before the second world war, Sweden was a linguistically and culturally homogeneous country compared with other European countries with the exception of  Geography in statistics. – regional SCB, Enheten för Regional planering och naturresursstatistik. Producer H region (H: for regions with a homogeneous.

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Transition Zones; Why use regions? Regional Criteria; Application of the Regional Criteria. 19 Feb 2021 Vocabulary. human geography (eleventh edition), “a functional region is defined by a particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it.”  Examples of formal regions are Europe, Africa, United States, and Canada. Functional Region. A functional region is an area organized to function politically,   Theories regarding effects of geographical proximity, regional agglomerations and networks are presented, and their possible application to RSNs is analyzed. windward side ahead of the geographical peak.

The. evidence for a pervasive, region-wide amphibolite facies metamorphism at ca. Experienced researcher and educator in Human Geography, human-nature  av S SVENSSON · 2016 — and geographical regions, and it has been the main cal region, date, community and species density, weather try and fewer in homogeneous parts. that participants will be assigned to fairly homogeneous classes. and family information, shopping, employment or local geography, regional och statlig nivå samt en god inblick i centrala sociala frågor och begrepp. Kursen ger en överblick över det sociala välfärdssystemet på lokal, regional och family information, shopping, employment or local geography, among others.